How Smart is AI?

The reemergence of artificial intelligence during the last 30 years has introduced several forms of weak AI to our everyday lives, be it in our smartphones or how the weather is predicted. Modern approaches to AI, using methods like neural networks and machine learning, also feel confident about creating strong AI, intelligence that is human-like or superior to humans. In this thesis, I discover the philosophical premises of artificial intelligence, how the research program views the mind and what implications this has for the form of intelligence that is being constructed. Furthermore, I derive at several criteria that need to be met to qualify a system as intelligent. To cover this rather wide field, the works of Hubert Dreyfus, an early commentator on AI, and David Chalmers, one of the most widely read philosophers of mind, are interrogated about their views on human intelligence and how such a theory relates to the possibility of intelligent machines.

Read the full text here


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